Vampire Claim Policies Edit

1)A Claim include the things every Claim needs Such as the Age, Personality, Appearance and History

2) Age: this part should include the age of your Character or at least the age that they look. Some Characters could be more then hundred of years old but only look 18 since the whole immortal concept

3) Personality: This should include the Characters personality. It should at least be 4 long sentences.

4) Appearance: If there is no image for this section then 4 long sentences are needed to describe what you character looks like

5)  The history for a Vampire should first at least be 3 to 5 Paragraphs long.

6) Childhood: Explain when the character was born and how it's life was while it was growing up.

8) Being Turned: A major part of a Vampires history is how the Character actually got turned into a Vampire and what age they were turned.feel free to be as creative as you want but, do take into consideration on this wiki our ways of becoming vampire are a bit different then the normal ways. Just please try and keep it realistic.

9) After Being Turned: A vampire history should also include how the Vampire reacted to be well a Vampire. Was He/She angry? Sad?  And also if after the Character began drinking blood were they able to control themselves? After being turned into a Vampire your emotions are heightened so please take that into consideration.

10) Example of how someone becomes a vampire: Ginny met a weird chick named Tatia. They talked for awhile until, not known by Ginny until she turned into a vampire, Tatia compelled to stay quiet and decided to turn her by making her drink her blood and then ultimately, killing her.

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