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The Mind-Readers

Although the origin of Psychic's are unknown, they are known to be human beings born with special abilities of the mind. While many Psychics can unlock these inner powers it has been said that some may not unlock their powers at all.

Psychics, unlike many of the other supernatural species, are born and not turned. When the parents of the child are either both psychic or, one psychic and the other mortal the child is born with the psychic gene. Upon reaching the age of 13, a Psychic's powers will start to develop, although there are some cases were the psychics powers never develop, leaving the individual as a mortal

The Psychics

Psychic Leader

  1. Charlotte Harrington

Psychic Second In-Command

  1. (Open)
  2. (Open)
  3. (Open)

Psychic Members

Dead Psychic's

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NOTE:Not Complete. Just a general guideline

  1. Astral Projection
  2. Telepathy
  3. Telekinesis
  4. gain information with touch
  5. see visions of possible futures (Can't share)
  6. medium-ship/talk to ghost
  7. Empathy/know others emotions