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Jeremy Quaid
Werewolf Bloodshell
Important Information
Gender Male
Age 19
Species Werewolf
Species Born In Human
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Maple/Brown
Height 6' 02
Job Werewolves' Leader
Weapons Powers
Sexuality Straight


Jeremy was once a real sweet guy. In fact, he still is, but has a hard time showing that and also leadership skills. He believes that putting his tough guy facade will make others respect him or even fear him. Don't get me wrong, he doesn't fake it. He truly is a tough guy as well, however you'll need to know him properly to get to the sugar. He is very flirtatious with almost any living being, male or female. However, strangely he is 100% straight. He is very athletic and trains a lot, and really does't mind showing off... at all. He is smart and has really good strategic abilities. Jeremy may seem ruthless and insensible at times, but he looks forward to doing just the right, no matter what. Due to him growing up with only his father, he does act like a male chauvinist and aggressive at times.


Sophie and Killian Quaid where a dysfunctional couple right after Jeremy was conceived. They fought a lot and Killian would harm Sophie and hit her.
Eventually 1 month after Jeremy was born, Sophie ran away and made her own life by herself. Little did both know that the baby had been born with the Werewolf gene.

As a child, Jeremy was almost too sweet to stand, a trait he got from Sophie. He would help others and smile at least 90% of the time. Seemingly the gene wouldn't never be triggered as Jeremy would never hurt someone- or so he thought.

As he began growing older, he also began inheriting traits from Killian. This was his strength, character and a bit of his too-cool-for-school personality. Jeremy started to find an interest in a lot of sports and Killian made Jeremy take the classes. This was when he started to develop his athletic body at the age of 14.


He then started having anger problems, and as Killian had them as well, neither of them suspected it was something mayor. He would get into many fights frequently, and although he won all of the, he did get badly hurt at times.

This was until he turned 16, when Killian and Jeremy had a discussion, Jeremy snapped and Killian got mad, punching Jeremy in the jaw. Jeremy, enraged, started fighting with Killian and after some time, Jeremy finished killing his father.

The gene was triggered and after this, each full moon, he would become into a werewolf.

He burnt Killian's body so no clues were found and escaped, looking for his mother. He found her after a year, living in Chicago. Luckily she hadn't changed her name or anything of that sort, so it wasn't extremely difficult to find her.

After staying with her for a year, hiding his ability, eventually Sophie noticed him turning into a wolf, so she kicked him out of her house. He then had no choice but to live on his own. After some time, the wolf community found him, and after showing what he could do, he became their leader.


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